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Taking Care of Your Jewelry

RedMode strives to provide you with high-quality, elegantly crafted accessories. Certain steps must be taken on your part to ensure that you can enjoy your jewellery for as long as possible.

The fineness and delicacy of our jewellery is what makes it so appealing. It is sensitive to how it is handled, as is the case with all delicate things.

Jewellery must be used and stored with extreme caution.

– To care for and extend the life of your jewellery, please follow these tips:

– Avoid getting it wet (don’t wash your hands or shower with it on, and don’t leave it near the -sink).

– Keep it away from perfumes, lotions, and other substances that can destroy the plating and shorten its lifespan.

– Keep it in its original container or in a soft pouch. Due to pollution and humidity, exposure to open air may dull the plating.

– Please take care not to drop or bump your jewellery against hard surfaces while wearing it to avoid scratches or stones dropping out (especially for rings and bracelets)

– To make it stronger, you’d have to make it thicker, which would take away from its beauty.

– Recognize that jewellery that comes into direct touch with the skin, such as rings and bracelets, will fade faster than earrings and pendants, and adjust your usage and expectations appropriately.